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“Goldfinch is a hell of a band. First dropped oh-so-ceremoniously onto the Imaginary Radar by none other than the fair John Roderick during one of his Triple Door shows last summer, these guys (and gal) couple a painful level of lyrical honesty with a haunted undertone that’s positively enrapturing. There’s almost nothing they haven’t done on stage that isn’t pure gold.” Imaginary Victoria, THREE IMAGINARY GIRLS

“The raw emotion Stevens and Sullivan pour into these tracks with their rich vocals instills both deep-rooted pain and release into their words, complemented by the precision of Hirschl, Rohr and Norman. The results clearly show the maturity one would expect from a second album.” -Heather Olson, CITY ARTS

“On “Vacant Lot / Elephant”, that patient hand has worked magic. Suddenly, Goldfinch’s music has become intricate. It’s filled with the kind of details and careful recording that make any music lover sit up and pay attention. Strangled electric guitar warbles beneath and between gorgeous strains of steel guitar. Horn arrangements clear the way for almost-whispered vocals. Drums alternate from skittering backdrop to audacious backbone. In short, the songs are allowed to evolve and develop, instead of serving merely as vehicles for intelligent lyrics. These two plaintive and beautiful pieces are anything but plain.” -Daniel Rahe,

“For those who have yet to listen to the band, I have to ask: which rock have you been hiding under? There are too many musical influences in Goldfinch’s sound to avoid and they will appeal to all who appreciate a collaboration of genres. The beautiful lead vocals compounded with instruments that have been pared down to only what’s essential are nothing if not satisfying and comfortable in their effects.
Goldfinch’s music speaks to the individuals that create it with their bare hands and vocal chords, wanting only to project what comes immediately after meeting the band: their fragility, honesty and love for what they do so well.” -Dawn Quinn, THE TACOMA WEEKLY

“Goldfinch traffics solely in heart tuggers and their two new singles “Vacant Lot” and “Elephant,” show the band developing newly nuanced notes to break your heart. Stepping away from the stripped down duets and acoustic guitar of their first record, the new songs highlight Goldfinch’s full line-up and sound. “Elephant” is elevated with the addition of Steve Norman on pedal steel and for me his weeping riffs make the song. Mastered by TW Walsh (who mixed and mastered Dave Bazan’s Curse Your Branches), there is a rich subtlety of embracing layers on “Vacant Lot.” Live, the song sprawls to Sufjanic proportions, but recorded the song is more an aching intimate whisper.” -Abbey Simmons, SOUND ON THE SOUND

“The joy I get from the new single is the joy of change, of progress. I know I was not the only one who loved Goldfinch’s first record, who listened to Go Easy On Me on a loop, day after day. And far too many bands who have inspired that kind of reaction will seek endlessly to duplicate it, until the fans get bored and the band fades away. Not so Goldfinch… Now Goldfinch is a band. Not simply Goldfinch plus backing musicians, but a proper band. There is a breadth and depth to the music that was absent from earlier material.” -Joe Izenman THE WEEKLY VOLCANO

“And then, of course, Goldfinch. For as much time as I spend listening to and talking about this band, I’ve seen remarkably little of them live. They do not disappoint. The harmonies and interplay between guitar and keyboard that forms their core, while occasionally (as mentioned) overpowered by the pedal steel, pierces the room as well as on any recording. Aaron Stevens and Grace Sullivan have crafted a thing of beauty with this band, and gathered the musicians around them to carry out its promise. At the risk of sounding pretentiously complex in my choice of words… they’re pretty effin’ awesome.” Joe Izenman, THE WEEKLY VOLCANO


“The central theme in their music is a search — for place, love and especially understanding. Both lyrically and sonically, the songs on Goldfinch are explorations, journeys through the woods at night. Stevens and Sullivan don’t sing so much as yearn, and arrangements are restrained, even tentative, like uncertain steps in the dark: the piano wanders, the guitar balks, drums limp. Characters in the songs come and go and seldom linger, incapable or unworthy of finding what they seek.
On Goldfinch, and especially onstage, Stevens and Sullivan seem amazed, like two mutes suddenly cured. It’s not an act; it’s Goldfinch. No artifice divides them from their growing audience. No armor protects them.” -Mark Thomas Deming, CITY ARTS MAGAZINE

“Goldfinch’s live performances have a perfect, tranquil quality to them. It’s like watching a well-oiled machine of melancholy, where harmonized vocals play with themes of forgiveness and loss while floating above tinkling music. The Tacoma band is essentially just Grace Sullivan and Aaron Stevens, but when they play live, their respective keyboards and guitar are backed by a drumset, cello, violin, and bass. That live music is a strong sonic earful, crescending when Sullivan and Stevens sing the chorus on “Go Easy On Me,” an emotionally charged apology for running away. “Go Easy On Me” is also the only song that sounds just as good on the band’s self-titled, self-released LP as it does live. The rest of the tracks sound flatter when recorded, and Stevens’ deep, low voice has a tendency to overpower both the instrumentals and Sullivan’s singing. It’s an unexpected reversal, that Goldfinch’s live performance has more power than the album. Maybe it’s because seeing this band feels like being enveloped in emotions, and that’s something stereo speakers or headphones just can’t replicate.” – Paige Richmond, -THE SEATTLE WEEKLY

“It is haunting and funny and melancholy and wonderful and it reminds me of the best scenes from some of my favorite movies.” -Tom Llewellyn, BEAUTIFUL ANGLE

“The “Toast of Tacoma”, Goldfinch kicked off the main stage as a six piece for the first time; the two piece string ensemble was taken into hire for the festival after the band met them coming over to the island on the ferry. A band with a strong two-piece core, Grace and Aaron were the naked folks with the idea to lead us astray in the Doe Bay promo video, and their polished alt-country made for a great start.” Josh Lovseth -SOUND ON THE SOUND

“Goldfinch specializes in the neglected art of the duet. Their sound straddles the sad sides of twang and folk, where the lyrics and the warm marriage of Grace Sullivan and Aaron Stevens’ vocals are laid bare by simple instrumentation. There is nothing flashy about Goldfinch’s style or sound, but it is deeply satisfying. After seeing Goldfinch for the first time this summer at the Doe Bay Music Festival, I repeatedly found myself humming their song “Go Easy On Me.”  These are songs that stick with you. You can start humming it yourself, “Go Easy On Me” is our featured song of the week.” Abbey Simmons, SOUND ON THE SOUND

“Last April while touring through Tacoma, Indian Valley Line happened upon a show that was put together for them by a local band they didn’t really know named Goldfinch.    Not knowing what to expect, Indian Valley Line had the best show of their tour as the result of some the most gracious and generous hosts they had ever had the pleasure to play for in their combined 20+ years of touring experience.  Friendships were made, Goldfinch accepted an invitation to be part of the Artist Home Roster, and every ounce of success that Goldfinch has made since has been a testament to not only how beautiful their music is, but how beautiful they are as people.” -, Indian Valley Line –Artist Home Booking

“While Bazan’s set was the highlight of the day. Goldfinch was the band I heard the most people talking about. I didn’t catch the Tacoma band’s after-hours set, and I regret it now.” Paige Richmond  -THE SEATTLE WEEKLY

“Their self-penned tunes are chillingly stark, but their harmonious vocals create a warm and comfortable feeling.” Tony Engelhart -THE WEEKLY VOLCANO

“It’s a very likable band — that’s what. Listen to their finely-crafted, self-produced, locally-grown, self-titled debut album, or watch them for 30 seconds onstage, and you’ll know right away what I mean. They just radiate warmth and goodness. And their folksy, earthy songs — especially the tightly-wrought, pitch-perfect harmonies — make you feel warm and good.” Mark Thomas Deming  -THE WEEKLY VOLCANO

“Favorite’s of ’09: “Go Easy On Me” – Goldfinch, Goldfinch. This contemplative, heart-wrenching, somewhat angsty song from Tacoma rootsy singer-songwriter duo Goldfinch has been on repeat on numerous occasions this fall, especially since I undertook a big out-of-state move and dealt with the emotional turmoil of leaving my home, family, and friends. “Go easy on me, go easy… I can’t undo what I’ve done wrong.” Simple, beautiful harmonies and evocative lyrics crowned by a pleading, sincere chorus have me returning to this track often.” Katelyn Hackett, -SOUND ON THE SOUND

“Some of their lyrics on which this ancient melody hangs ask, “Can I wish to hold the weight of heaven?” Each person who attends a show, or listens to their songs must expect to hold this weight in tension along with the pain and hope of the songs sung by our holy irreverent Goldfinch.” -Adam Ydstie –EXIT133

“I learned of this group on You Crazy Dreamers website and then came over here to buy the CD. The whole CD is good and a few of the songs are what I call soul lifters for me. Rare finds. Go Easy On Me and especially Yellow Wings are current favorites for this new love. I’ve always liked good male/female harmonizing and this CD shines at that. Well done!” -Mark Hogan, purchased through CDBaby

“I heard the duo and their band mates at Doe Bay festival this week end. though few had heard of them. they will soon. they were the best show at Doe Bay, and there were a lot of good ones.. I bought their CD not a single bad song on the whole thing..I can’t remember the last time I liked EVERY cut on a CD. but this one I can’t even pick my favorite yet (maybe Scarecrow) but sure it will change often…GO GO get it and listen for yourself..” -vintage vendor

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