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Goldfinch in December

December 1, 2009

poster by Chloe Scheffe

Happy December everybody!

Remember this time last year when we were putting together our Christmas party at New Frontier in Tacoma? Remember the huge blizzard that night that we were so sure would scare you all away? Remember how all at once folks came sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and bussing down from the hill to join us till we had a nice sweaty bunch of friends to sing along with, eat cookies, and drink toddies? That was one of our favorite shows ever and it’s amazing to think how much the next year brought for us finches.

We made a record!

We became a full band!

We wrote a lot of songs!

We made a lot of friends!

We’ve played loads of shows to lovely people all up and down the West coast in places we never dreamed of playing!

This December we’re playing another Christmas party, this time as guests of the wonderful Seattle band, The Maldives, at Neumo’s in Seattle on Friday the 18th. We also share the night with Hey Marseilles and Champagne Champagne and we’re proud to invite each and every one of you friends, family, fans, and folks to come join us as we celebrate a fine end to our year and toast the year to come.

You can get your tickets for the Christmas party here!

Happy Christmas, everyone!

-Grace & Aaron & Paul & Jake

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